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Nowadays, people use MacBook or Apple Computer which is running by MacOS. And People are pretty know about Windows Command. But MacOS is just like a new OS (Operating system) So people don’t know all Simple Command or Advanced.

I’m here to give you Most Useful MacOS Tips and Tricks. If you want to know and want to be a Pro User of your Mac operating system that Story with Quality Content.

Most useful MacOS Keyboard Trick

1. Swap between Apps

This one is pretty easy and I think a lot of people do know but a lot of you guys also commented that this was their best or favorite. So, let’s learn this one.

So, if you want to switch between applications quickly and easily. All you have to do is. Press Command + Tab.­­­­


Now if you holding down Command and you just keep lipping on the other Key, you’ll cycle between the different applications that one opens letting go of the keys will then Switch you to that app that’s corner highlighted.

2. Close Apps from App Switched

So, closing a recent open app from the app switcher is a great productive thing.
If you just finished your work from an app and you want to close this app then.

All you have to do is. Simply press the A Kay with Command held down and it will close that app from the app switchers.

3. Hide a window

Most of the people probably know “how to hide a window” but in case you don’t it’s Command + H instead of minimizing the area from the address bar. Now, you can bring your close windrow from your Dock Bar with just by single click on the app icon.

4. Cycle between App windows

Cycle Between a specific window just to speed up your working experience.
Maybe you’re writing a note and you want to reference another note that is open in the background and hiding ply all you have to do. Simply press Command + The Tilde Key which is the key above the tab and Underneath the ESC and you can quickly switch between app key

5. Video screenshots

If you shift+ Commands that will take Screenshots you probably already knew that and then shift + Command will take a Screen Shot but you have to Select the area that you want if you press Shift + Command+5 then you now have an option to quickly record your screen ort a portion of your Screen.

6. Clean Screenshot

If you want a clean look screenshots of a Specific app window, your wallpaper, dock menu ban, etc. Go ahead and press shift + Command + 4 and then press the Space bane. Your cursor will turn into a Camera icon and you will be able to take Screenshots.

7. Force Touch Quick Look

If you have a force touch track pot on a Mac Books with a force track pad theme size a few neat tricks that you can do using the force touch gestate. For example, if you’re inside of YouTube you can force touch a video thumbnail and it will launch a quick look version of that video allowing you to actually check out and watch the video without leaving your current page.

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10. Hot Corners

Hot Corner is a feature that I think most of people also know about but it’s been around for a quick bit and I think it’s a very amusing and importers feature that’s I See MacOS Tips and Tricks

Go to system preference → then go to Mission Control.

Now you can set up 4 Commands for the four CORNER of your computer Screen.


So, hey everyone this was MacOS Tips and Tricks. I hope you enjoy all these tips and tricks. And obviously, try at least one time and be cool. If you want to share any MacOS Tips and Tricks with me then comment below.

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