MacOS keyboard Shortcuts [Skill up by 200%]

Hey, Today I’m going to share a ton of MacOS keyboard shortcuts. And those keyboard shortcuts are really interesting and you have to know if you’re a MacBook user.

Those tips are pretty simple and useful too. It increases your productivity level and it makes you more Professional.

Actually, when we use a Computer and you want to become a Pro user also you have to know a shortcut. Because everyone knows how to use a computer but being a computer master is the only way to learn computer shortcuts. In this article, you’ll learn more than 20 MacOS tips and tricks and MacOS Keyboard shortcuts.

MacOS Keyboard Shortcuts


Yes, you can change your volume and brightness with MacOS Keyboard. I’m pretty sure that you’re introduce to the Android/Apple Brightness Controller. That’s actually going to happen.

How to do this?

Just holding down the SHIF and OPTIONS Buttons on your keyboard. And hitting those Volume and Brightness buttons. When you do this you’ll notice that your volume and Brightness are increasing and decreasing very politely.

Even you can set your brightness level in a very fine. It’s very helpful to you when you work at night. Because you can change your Brightness level to a very Potential level. It saves your eyes.


Now this is going to be very Amusing Mac tips. We all know CTLR+ALT+DEL on Windows PCs that bring the task manager.

Where you can view your all the Running Application. And also you call close out Applications. And if you feels like MacOS doesn’t have options like that but it actually does.

So, how can you bring Task Manager on MacOS?

Hit the Command and option and ESC together. (COMMAND + OPTION + ESC)

And boom you’re able to close and Monitor your applications that are running. I love this because I recently discovered these Options. And I used to have to go through the activity monition to close out an application. This is a hassle this things a few keyboard Strokes and boom you just using Control alt.


I’m not sure how many people know this. But you’re actually able to leave a message on your MacBook lock Screen.

In case you happen to misplace something like your MacBook Pro. It looks like a split feature of a Smartphone. In Case you misplace it and a good smarting picks it up you can leave a message on where to call or Where to send the phone. In case they find it you can get back your Mac.
And you can do that now with MacBook Pro.

Set up a Custom lock Screen Message on MacBook Pro Easily.

To set up custom lock screen message. You have to go to Security Preferences. So. Click on the Apple logo. Simply go to Security preferences.

Now, on this page, go to the next step. Select “Security & Privacy.

MacOS keyboard tips and trick
MacOS keyboard tips and trick

Now, you can able to set up your text or anything as a Lock Screen Message. At first Tic the mark. And then click on “Set Lock message”. And then write your message here.

MacOS keyboard

So, if you’re using your MacBook in a lot of Public Spaces, definitely you can take advantage of this feature.


Now, that’s going to be very interesting and Cool
for everyone who wants to know about MacOS keyboard Shortcuts. These are actually Built-in options for MacOS. The ability to Control Someone else’s Screen remotely if they’re on the internet.
This one is awesome.

All you have to do is open up Spotlight By pressing “Command + Space bar” and typing “Screen sharing”.

MacOS keyboard

Type in their Apple ID, then it’ll pop-up them and ask theme,

If they give you permission or accept your invite you can control their screen.
You can control their screen right from your computer.

MacOS keyboard

This is an Amusing and Super MacOS Keyboard Shortcuts.


So, if you have lots of documents you’re going to like this one. MacOS saves the actual previous versions of documents. So that, you can access them. Even, you can see and restore all the versions of documents.

All you have to do. Open the file menu go to the Revert option and then browse all the versions.

Now this pretty much pulls. Up something that looks like a time machine and you get to see all the different Variations of the documents that you made previously and if you want you can just go back to one that fits your Criteria.
Hit the Done or Restore option.

So, this way you can restore and see your documents. I think this feature is just an awesome feature of MacOS Keyboard Shortcuts.


Next feature is a very basic feature but it’s something that I feels like a lot of people don’t know. If you don’t know the advantage of this feature. Or how to use this. Just see and stay with me. This feature is able to split screen on your MacBook.

Now all to do this is actually pretty simple. You have to do is
“hold down that green button at the top left corner of most Mac applications”
So, with this, you can actually Send it to the left side of the screen for right side of the screen. Or you can make it Full screen if you like.

With the feature, you’ll able to use multiple applications at the same time and same screen Side by side. It’s pretty good when you take notes from the Internet. Or when you need to see multiple Apps at the same time. So, i think this is also another best MacOS keyboard Shortcuts.


Now, the next one is a pretty cool feature. The ability to do Unit conversion Using Spotlight. Now, Spotlight we mentioned earlier.

All you have to do is to access it. Hit the Command + Space bar together and after that, you’ll able to type in what you’re looking for Right there.

MacOS keyboard

So if you wanted to convert like a dollar to Euro, or BDT to USD. Yeah! You can do that easily.


So, this one is really cool that I’ve been using it for years and it’s actually a really useful feature.

It’s called Accessibility

Zoom and it’s basically allow you to zoom all the way your Mac Screen.

To enable this feature go to” System Preference” And go to the “Accessibility” option. Now you can easily find the zoom option right here.

MacOS keyboard

Then you’ve hit the very first option.

That’s “Use Keyboard shortcuts to Zoom” you will see various option for Zoom on your screen.

MacOS keyboard

You can see which command is for Zoom In and which is for Zoom Out.

So, to zoom your Screen all you have to do is hit the Command +’+’, and boom you can zoom your screen.

It’s basically useful when you browse on the internet or you can zoom your images. It’s more useful when you browse the Internet.


These Mac OS tips and tricks are Really Cool, and if you’re a safari User. If you like to watch Videos while you do something on your computer and maybe it’s not the main focus of your time on the Computer.

You actually have the ability to do something like picture-in-picture on your Computer.

To enable picture-in-picture go to Safari browser and play video on YouTube. And Right-click the video and hit enter in picture-in-picture.

MacOS keyboard

And boom you can see a Small version of this video. And you can able to move this one. You can move the video anywhere on your screen, even you can adjust the size of whatever you need to do.

And that’s awesome because you’re able to do any work by watching videos. This MacOS keyboard Shortcut looks cool for multitasking. You can enjoy movies or video songs while you working.

So, I think. It’s Nice MacOS keyboard Shortcuts tips and tricks. If you think I am talking about an Interesting topic today, and if you like all the MacOS Keyboard tips and tricks comment below. Read out more articles about MacOS.

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