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Today I’m going to share New Windows Keyboard Shortcuts. I hope you enjoy all these Computer tips and all the computer tricks are very amusing. You must try those tricks and tips at least one time.

If you using Windows PC then you should learn about those shortcuts. Because it saves your time, makes you professional, and is obviously cool. So, let’s see our New Windows Keyboard Shortcuts.

All New Windows Keyboard Shortcuts 2024


At first, we will learn our most advanced New Windows Keyboard Shortcuts. If you work on too many windows and you have to change windows continuously then you need these tricks.
Press ALT + TAB and that’s make a small view of all windows of your computer. You can easily switch from one to another.

But there’s a different Key also working on WINDOWS 10. You can use this command on Windows 10 by pressing Window + TAB key.
It little bit different from the Windows version.

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If I ask you for create a new folder. How do you do? Of course, click mouse Right button then Click new then click on folder!

In this case, you do no need to use this old method: you can create a file just by using a keyboard.


Then automatically a new folder will be created.


It’s a very important things that if you’re working on your PC and at a time you have to leave now. But you won’t lose your work. But someone else has to work now. That time you can use a virtual desktop. Actually, this feature is available from WINDOWS 10.

So, how to activate a virtual desktop?
Easy method. Just press WINDOW + TAB button from the keyboards and then there’s a Desktop will be shown and “+” Icon will be shown. Press this “+” and it will add a fresh desktop.

Windows Keyboard

So, if you want to bring your old desktops to work. Press WINDOWS + TAB and it will show your different virtual desktop. You can add or delete from here.

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Well, this one will be the best New Windows Keyboard Shortcuts for you. if you want to use emojis in your writing OR If you chat with friends on your PC then you need to use emojis. Some people use emoji too much, but on a computer/PC using emoji is a little bit hard.

I’m going to Share an amusing trick for using emoji.

Windows Keyboard

All you have to do, you just press WINDOWS +· (full stop). When you type this Command there’s an emoji box will be pop-up, you can use emojis anywhere by using these tricks.


It’s very useful for everyone, especially educated people. Most probably It’s Important for students, writers, Question makers, Math teachers, etc.

How to Use Subscript?

Subscript is just like this H₂0. This is the Symbol for water. So, here “2” is Subscript. So, to Use subscript Use this Command.

CTRL+SHIFT + = Type all the keys and then write anything for subscript.

How to Use Superscript?

The Superscript looks like this A²+B². Here’s 2 is Superscript. Now, we’ll learn about how to use this superscript.

To use this Just Use this Command. CTRL + =

NOTE: If you press CIRL + = then your all text will be written as a superscript, OR If you press CIRL+SHIFT+=. Then, all text will be written as a subscript.

But you have to go Normal writing process by yourself.

So, How to go through the normal writing Process? If you active subscript by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ then when you are done then again press this same command.

Same for superscript, IF you active superscript then again press CTRL + = after that your normal writing process will start.

I think this tips will help those who make documents in MS Word. and the most advanced New Windows Keyboard Shortcuts.

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If I ask you to open your task manager what do you do? You may go to your Status bar or by PRESS CTRL+ALT+DEL.

But this is a lengthy process. There’s a simple process. Just press CTRL + SHIFT+ESC then your Task Manager will be open.


Suppose, you’re working with different software at the same time, at a time you want to minimize your all tabs (not Close), and after minimizing you want to go again like before, there is an easy command available for you..!!!!

Just press. WINDOWS + D. You’re all active Tab will be minimized and your Desktop will look fresh. To Restore Tab again Press WINDOWS + D.

NOTE: You can minimize your tab by pressing CTRL+M But you can’t restore by Command.
So, Use these New Windows Keyboard Shortcuts makes you like a professional user.

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