What is Saathi AI App | How to use saathi AI app

Saathi AI app is a virtual AI app in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Government announced in December 2023 for this app. This app will be the first Bangladeshi AI App. Saathi AI app maker is one of the Goverment Sector of Bangladeshi. This AI app make by ICT Division of Bangladesh. And it’s control bi A2i.

What can you do by Saathi AI App ?

Saathi AI App can do so many things. Espcially this is a general Assistent AI app that’s why there will be so many feactures in this app.

Saathi AI App


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How to use Saathi AI App?

Saathi AI App

According to news, there are no instruction given by app publisher. But according to rumer, as an app user you have to registation with your NID.

And there are such verification system that can be added in this app.

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What is Saathi AI App?

Saathi AI app is a virtual AI app in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Government announced in December 2023 for this app.

Who make Saathi AI App?

This AI app make by ICT Division of Bangladesh. And it’s control bi A2i.

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